Robin Hood-style!

Archery at Porthpean

Our archery range provides a great option for when you want to stay land-based for a while, while honing your skills, Robin Hood style!

With a proud history and tradition, this Olympic sport demands concentration combined with excellent hand-eye coordination. Modern bows and technology make the task slightly easier than that faced by our forefathers, but the challenge nevertheless remains – get your arrows as close to the centre of the target as you can!

Our fantastic new target sports area offers a brilliant safe space for up to 6 targets where archers can draw their bows and fire their arrows. Our new and improved range ensures that group members get a longer time on the shooting line and less time waiting.

Our team of experienced instructors will give a safety briefing and demonstration, explaining all the technique and rules needed to keep this ancient sport safe and exciting. Our range is built to meet Archery GB guidance, and instructors are fully trained and qualified.

Archery can be very satisfying and rewarding, games, competitions and challenges make the session competitive and fun.

Sessions can be tailored to suit the aims (pun intended) and needs of your group. Target sports sessions usually last for around 3 hours and includes AXE THROWING, our brand-new activity for 2024!

The length of your session can be adjusted to suit your group.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

Spiders! (Sorry, bad joke, this is the name for the little cross in the very centre of an archery target)


Ask your instructor how to learn which is your dominant eye!

Fun Facts

Archery can be traced back to the stone age. The ancient Egyptians were the first known people to use bows and arrows for hunting and warfare 3000 years ago. Our equipment is a lot more modern, and our focus is firmly set on the targets set by our fabulous team of instructors.


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