Awards Ceremony

Recognising every achievement

Celebrating our amazing children

At Porthpean Outdoor, we recognise achievement is personal.  We also recognise that achievement has many faces.

Working with children as we do, we see children with wide ranging abilities, from lots of different backgrounds.  We see children that are faster than others.  We see that children reach the top of the high ropes course with ease.  We see children beating our “experts” at laser tag.  But we also see children that climb a ladder for the first time, challenging their fear of heights.  We see children put on a wetsuit for the first time.  We see otherwise shy children contribute to their group’s teambuilding success.  The smiles and sense of pride we see every day from even the smallest accomplishment is what drives us.

The Awards Ceremony at Porthpean Outdoor is a recognition of the achievement of our amazing guests.  Not just ‘the best’, we honour the more quirky accomplishments.  The funniest ocean wipe-out, the best team player, the loudest snorer, the most helpful guest of the week are just some of the previous categories!


Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem solving


What you may see

Laughter, applauding, fun, smiles, pride.


Just do your best! Porthpean Outdoor is a judgement-free zone- we just want you to enjoy it!

Fun Facts

If you really can't face our high ropes, let us know and you can help us! You can join Team Porthpean and help us with ropes and organisation. You'll even get to borrow a staff t-shirt

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