Caving Experience

A Caving experience like no other

Caving at Porthpean

Welcome to Cornwall’s largest artificial caving system. This is an experience like no other! Our bespoke modular system brings alive the excitement of a journey underground in a safe and controlled environment.

Negotiate by crawling, sliding, and scrambling through narrow passageways and move through undulating tunnels to reach chambers, rises, and falls. With this exhilarating and technically challenging activity, we look forward to offering you exploration of the unknown. Keep a look out for the pre-historic artefacts along the way.

Secure your helmet, switch on your head torch, and get ready to head into the unknown. Make your way through any of the 5 routes, each offering a different technical challenge. Meet your friends in the main chamber before you make your way to the next tunnel. Instructors lead groups through the cave routes so that tips and tricks can be shared.

The cave has several exit options, so participants are never far from fresh air if they want to return to daylight in a hurry.

Our fully trained instructors deliver a session briefing and warm up activities before talking your group through some of the features found in our caving system. You can follow the arrowheads of initiation with an instructor, our easiest route that offers participants a great introduction to the features of the caving system.

Routes gradually become more challenging from there on, you can encounter the flames of the burning bends, Crossbones of confusion, The way of the serpent, or Captured by the cobra. Once confident, groups are encouraged to explore the cave system themselves to gain confidence and work as a team. Our instructors have thought of several fun and challenging games that can be played through the caves too, so there really is never a dull moment.

The system was designed and built especially for Porthpean by EP Climbing, the same company that build the climbing walls for the Olympic climbing competitions. We are so proud to have this fantastic facility at our Centre.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

Cave paintings, fossils, stalagmites, ancient (ish) artefacts, Egyptian hieroglyphics.


A good warm up to limber up before entering the caves is highly recommended, children find this activity session a lot easier than us bigger ‘kids’.

Fun Facts

Did you know that someone whose hobby is exploring and studying caves is known as a spelunker? Try our Caving activity at Porthpean and bring out your inner spelunker!


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