Climbing Wall

Challenging Climbs to suit all levels

Climbing Wall at Porthpean

Our large indoor climbing barn houses a wide variety of challenging climbs to suit all abilities and confidence levels.

You will be supported by our trained and experienced instructors who will teach you the basics of climbing and belaying so that you learn to understand different elements of the sport whilst having a lot of fun!

The purpose-built indoor climbing wall at Porthpean works on a top rope system and offers 24 in two areas of the barn. Each climb offers 3 different routes offering a variety of difficulty and climbing techniques.

All safety and climbing equipment are provided.

Your group may wish to try the Porthpean traversing challenge, a tricky traverse at over 30 metres long, it’s a great test for any member of the group.

Porthpean Centre is a NICAS training centre: our National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes (NICAS®) are an introduction to climbing and provide a gateway to learning more and developing a love for the sport.

The key aim is to provide a safe introduction to climbing for anyone aged 7 years and up on artificial climbing structures (e.g indoor climbing walls). Those who progress through to the higher levels also start to look wider and learn more about the history, ethics, and styles of both indoor and outdoor climbing.

The nationally recognised scheme helps to standardise the teaching and coaching of climbing in a structured manner, whilst providing lots of fun too.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

Confidence and ability reaching new heights, as you learn and improve your skills and knowledge of this fantastic Olympic sport.


Ask the instructors to use a little chalk if your palms and fingertips get sweaty, this will help you to grip the holds and gain more confidence!

Fun Facts

Indoor sport climbing is now an Olympic sport, as of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But in 1989 the first ever climbing world cup or “Grand Prix” was held in Leeds, it was won by Jerry Moffat, a true climbing legend! The current Olympic record for speed climbing up a 15m wall is just over 5 seconds!


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