High Ropes

The High Ropes Course

Challenge by Choice

One of the many highlights of Porthpean Outdoor is the traditional style high ropes course.  A guaranteed test balance, bravery, and dexterity!  Get ready to feel the buzz as you smash your fears and complete a variety of challenges.

As with all activities at Porthpean Outdoor, we employ a Challenge by Choice instructing method.  This means children (and adults!) decide how high they want to go, moving at their own pace.  While we encourage everyone, we never force or push them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Some of the high ropes activities you will experience include:

Jacob’s Ladder

Three people climb at once as the rest of their team control the ropes and guide their buddies (with help at all times from our instructors).  As the levels get narrower the further you go, the team of intrepid climbers have to work out how to best use their ropes and their own bodies to make keep rising.

Leap of Faith

As it sounds! Our climbers scale a ladder to a narrow and high platform.  At that point, the highest of our course, it’s all about guts and glory, as you leap out to touch the swinging buoy!

Wobbly Walkways

This is our travelling belay system, featuring three separate levels.  Level 1 is a relatively simple stepping stone bridge.  Level 2 offers a rope bridge 20ft in the air.  Level 3 features another rope bridge, this time with the hand ropes on travelling pulleys, making things super wobbly, encouraging team work to ensure victory.  Teams of two will take on the challenge at the same time.

High All Aboard

The only freestanding pole on our high ropes course.  The higher you get, the more wobbly things become!  There are four different routes, as you endeavour to reach the platform at the top.  The first person to reach the platform is tasked with helping their teammates reach the summit, before you all give a wave of celebration to your ground team below.

Cargo Net

The Cargo Net sees two people climbing at once with a travelling belay system.  Speed is of the essence, as you move along the net and race your opponent to reach all four corners. There is a mini leap of faith before being lowered back down to join the rest of your team.

Climbing Wall

Our outdoor climbing wall offers four different routes of varying difficulty, with climbers having the opportunity to climb up and abseil down.


Reaching the top of our climbing wall by an alternative route, all climbers drop to ground level, being in control of their own descent.

Zip Wire

A playful introduction to a zipwire, designed to build confidence on this 100m wire and 4m platform.

Alpine ladder

A teamwork focused exercise where participants can opt to either race or help each other climb a wire rope ladder. One person must climb on either side of the ladder, alternating where they place their hands and feet.


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