Laser Tag

Take on the laser challenge

Battle your friends at Porthpean

Laser Tag is a safe and inclusive activity, suitable for all ages, and enjoyed as part of both our day and evening activity programmes.

Introduced to the centre in 2023, it has proved a huge hit with our visiting school groups and local family parties, firmly establishing it as one activity that groups cannot get enough of.

Played on an even, flat course of grass, but with plenty of obstacles and protection from enemy fire, the idea of the game is to work as a team to capture your opponents’ flag and make your way safely back to your own base. Get shot and you must drop the flag and get to the respawn areas to re-enter the game!

Using the latest Hyper Shock laser tag equipment, each player is armed with a rapid-fire gun and shot detection system as they go into battle with their friends. Our Laser Tag course marshals watch on, ensuring rules are adhered to and safety is always maintained.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

Your opponents poking their Hyper Shock over one of our obstacles before you hear your shot detection shout “MAN DOWN”.


Keep your head out of range by staying low behind obstacles, move quickly, and ‘cover’ your teammates with rapid fire as they advance.

Fun Facts

The longest Laser Tag marathon took place in Michigan USA in 2019, 8 players played 24-hour long games in succession. Our Hyper Shock Laser Tag equipment has a range of up to 300 metres!


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