Porthpean Colour War

Messy Mayhem & Memories

A Powder Paint Frenzy!

Colour Wars are a brand-new activity for our Summer Youth Camps and a fantastically messy way to meet people and make new friends.

Colour War is a powder paint frenzy, you will be wearing a white t-shirt (provided by us) and will have equipment so that you and your team can prepare their own powder paint bombs.

These can be thrown safely leaving a wonderful trail of bright colours. Team up with others from your tent and plan how you want to cause as much messy mayhem as possible. See which camp was most successful by the amount of their coloured paint has been left on the shirts of others.

We use environmentally friendly paint that washes off easily, however, your t-shirt is yours to keep as a lasting memory of your stay at Porthpean.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

A rainbow of colour, and a camp full of people having the best first evening at Porthpean.


The more you use the powder bombs the more paint comes out when they hit their target.

Fun Facts

Coloured powder has been a part of Holi festivals for hundreds of years.


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