Team Building

Team Building and Problem Solving

Perfect for any group

Team Building and Problem Solving has been a part of Porthpean’s activity program for over 70 years!

Although the activities have changed somewhat since then, the outcomes of this fantastic activity haven’t.

Each task is designed to improve team communication, delegation, and decision making, as you work together to solve our varied challenges.

Our trained and experienced instructors are always close by to impart knowledge and useful hints to your group, giving briefings for each activity. Post activity debriefs are conducted to encourage reflection and identify ways to further improve performance before heading to the next challenge.

Perfect for any group, this session will help determine who’s a team player, a natural leader, and of course who has the brains and who has the brawn! Sessions can be adapted to meet the needs of your group, ensuring everyone finishes the session feeling they have got the most out of it and bonded as a team.

Activity details

Skill Rating

Personal Development

Building Confidence




Problem Solving


What you may see

See your group or team face the challenge of teamwork and watch them bond as a group as they work together to solve the activities.


Discuss each activity as a team before heading into the challenges. Include everyone, it’s not always the loudest person that has the most efficient solution!

Fun Facts

Team challenges featured in the first ever activity program here at Porthpean Centre in the 40’s. Back then the site was used as an international youth camp, where young people would come from all over the world to join together and build relationships.


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