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With many years of working with children on overnight camps, we understand that your child may be nervous about being away from home. To help, we have put together a page dedicated to you, the parent, featuring lots of useful information to help you best prepare for your child’s camp experience and to give you a little insight into who we are and how we work.


Being a specialist outdoor education provider, we understand children and we recognise they all have their own amazing ways of approaching tasks. We know that one size certainly does not fit all, so we operate our centre with children in mind at every turn, working to ensure every individual child feels welcome, valued, and uniquely special.

It is widely recognised that outdoor learning has multiple benefits. It develops self-esteem, supports mental health and wellbeing, promotes inclusive learning, and enhances peer to peer relationships. With specific reference to our adventurous activities, at Camp Cornwall we see risk and reward as central to what we offer. We encourage children at every step as they venture outside of their comfort zone. At all times, supporting and recognising natural ability and considering safety.

With measurable improvements in trust, confidence, and resilience being gained from a summer camp, every element of the experience at Camp Cornwall has been designed to ensure every child leaves us with a smile on their face and stories aplenty to share at home.


A summer camp is often one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of your childhood.  It is a chance to break away from the everyday and experience the great outdoors in all its glory. At Camp Cornwall, we make it our mission to offer the complete outdoor activity experience in a rounded, caring environment, so creating memories which are full of adventure, friendships, and pride.

Whilst we are passionate about the outdoors and adventure, our aim is to go beyond the thrills of the high ropes course and the laughter aboard our Mega SUPs… we believe a summer camp should consider every waking moment (whilst of course offering comfy surroundings for those moments less active!). We never underestimate the power of a friendly face or a helping hand. We know how important a good breakfast is. We appreciate how important clean facilities are. We work hard to ensure no aspect of an overnight camp is overlooked and commit to treating every child as a valued paying guest.

We strive to offer children a chance to learn new life skills, demonstrate confidence they thought they never had, make new friends, hear new stories, challenge their fears, and laugh like they have never done before.


Whilst we’re a jolly friendly bunch of individuals, our team are also competent, responsible, and safety-focused. All front line staff at Camp Cornwall are DBS-checked and undergo rigorous employment screening and induction.

The senior management team at our centre have been working with schools and children for over 15 years.

During your child’s stay, our staff are trained to pay close attention to even the smallest detail to ensure every single guest has the best time, having felt safe, respected, and happy.


At Camp Cornwall we’re all about getting out into the great outdoors.  Playing on the sand, breathing in the fresh salt air, staying up late around the camp fire.  Whilst we recognise that many children and young people consider their phones and tablets as an extension of their arm, we encourage our guests to put the devices down and join us in our appreciation of all things outdoors.  To trust us to deliver the best time they’ll have this summer.

Every evening, after your child’s daytime activity schedule and shower (inside and outside options) is done, we schedule a chill-out time to allow our adventurers some me time.  A time to relax, put their feet up, and phone home.  We offer space for private chats as needed.  Parents will also have time to call and chat to your child’s Camp Rep in this time.

Chill-out time aside, we offer secure device lockers in our reception which we ask our guests to use and put away their phones.  This allows every guest to fully engage with our team, fellow campers, and their activity, ensuring focus and ultimately, safety.  Rest assured your child will be contactable 24 hours a day via our Duty Manager phone.  If your child ever has a need to call you, our Camp Reps are on hand to facilitate.  Whilst our team commit to instil independence and resilience in our campers, above all, we promote kindness, empathy, and being supportive as our core values.

Children attending a Camp Cornwall Day Camp will be asked to leave their phone in their locker for the duration of camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, what will my child be doing at Camp Cornwall?

    On arrival, your child will provided with a dedicated timetable to include daytime activities, evening entertainment, and meal times.  Your child’s timetable will resemble the one as displayed on our timetables page, although it cannot be confirmed until the day of arrival.

  • Is there overnight cover at the centre?

    Yes, we offer 24 hour support at Camp Cornwall.  Once our evening staff leave for the day, our overnight staff step in to ensure all guests are looked after.  Our overnight team are trained in dealing with all manner of situations that may unfold.  As with all front-line staff at the centre, our overnight team are DBS-checked and are recruited and trained in accordance with our robust in-house systems.

  • What should my child bring?

    Check out our suggestions on the Kit List below.

  • What time is drop-off and pick-up?

    For an overnight package:

    Arrival time for a Camp Cornwall overnight experience is 5pm on the stated day of arrival. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow entrance to the centre (including our car park) before 5pm.

    Departure time from Camp Cornwall is 12pm on the stated day of departure  We will ask your child/children to vacate their booked accommodation by 10am on the stated day of departure. We will provide luggage storage as required until the day’s programme has been completed.

    For a day camp package:

    Arrival time for a Camp Cornwall Day Camp is 8.30am.  We are unable to allow entrance to the centre (including our car park) before 8.30am without the wrap-around add-on.

    Departure time from a Camp Cornwall Day Camp is 5.30pm.  We are unable to allow entrance to the centre (including our car park) before 5.30pm without the wrap-around add-on.

    Please understand that due to our commitment to safeguarding, we must rigorously enforce our published arrival and departure times.  We reserve the right to refuse admission for late Camp Cornwall Day Camp arrivals.

    Early Day Camp collections (before 5.30pm) can be made on request with a member of the team accompanying your child to the (locked) entrance gates.  This is strictly subject to prior approval.

    A wraparound service is offered to our Day Camp guests to include breakfast and evening meal, from 7.30am to 6.30pm, at additional cost of £14 per day.

  • Do children have their own showers and toilets?

    Yes, they do.  We have dedicated boys facilities and dedicated girls facilities, plus accessible and gender-neutral facilities.  All showers are in individual cubicles- no old-school communal showers here! Camp Reps and other centre staff have their own dedicated facilities.

  • What is the menu like? Will there be a choice of meals?

    Yes, indeed!  Our 2024 menu is currently being prepared.  All meals are designed with children in mind and all dietary requests will be requested and passed on to our catering team.

  • My child has a food allergy. Can you accommodate?

    Of course.  We treat all food allergies and intolerances very seriously.  You, as a parent, will asked for all relevant information prior to arrival via an online form.  We will also double check on arrival and again at every meal time.

  • My child cannot swim very well. Will they be able to take part in water-based activities?

    All children taking part in activities in the water will be wearing a buoyancy aid.  We can adapt all activities accordingly, ensuring your child’s safety is first in our thoughts.

  • What if my child gets scared when doing an activity?

    Your child’s Camp Rep and our instructors are experienced with children and how to encourage them when facing challenges.  Whilst as a dedicated outdoor education centre we encourage risk in order to see the many rewards that come with it, we listen to every single child and put measures in place to ensure their trust is met and they feel safe and secure in during an activity.  We operate a Challenge by Choice method of activity instruction, meaning children are always in control.

  • How do you allocate who stays with whom?

    We will allocate in accordance with gender and age.  You are very welcome to request an allocation if your child is staying with a friend from home.

  • Can my child bring their phone to call me in case of an emergency?

    Whilst we advise against bringing any valuables, which must include phones, we recognise that your child may wish to stay in contact with you.  We therefore have a dedicated time and a private space for your child to call home.  In accordance with our phone policy, we will ask your child to leave their phone in their locker outside of phone time.  Of course, you are welcome to call us at any time in the event of an emergency.  Your child’s Camp Rep will have their own mobile phone and will be contactable at any time of day via our centre office.  Overnight, our Night Manager will also be contactable.  All details will be provided to you prior to arrival.

  • Can my child bring their iPad to watch a film at night?

    Whilst we understand the need for a phone to call home, we ask that no tablets or iPads are taken on camp.  Camp Cornwall offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with the outdoors and take a break from screens.

  • Can my child bring a soft toy or comforter?

    Yes, of course! Soft toys are often taken on school residentials, but please be aware that items are exposed to being damaged or lost on such trips; we must advise against bringing a particularly special toy.

  • What happens if my child needs the toilet in the middle of the night?

    Our toilets are open throughout the night, with a path lit up to guide campers when dark.

  • Will they have to walk to the beach from the centre?

    Yes.  The beach is accessed from our centre via a footpath and road.  Your children will be led and accompanied by the Camp Rep at all times.

  • My child is nervous about staying overnight. Is there anyone I can talk to?

    Yes, please do.  Our centre staff are experienced with working with children and will happily listen to any concerns that a child may have when nervous or worried.  A safeguarding policy is enforced to ensure all interaction is safe for all parties.

  • My child has a wetsuit. Can we pack it?

    No worries, although please bear in mind that wetsuits will be left to dry and stored with our own wetsuits.  Your child will not be allowed to dry their wetsuit in/near their accommodation.

  • Lost property... can I get it returned?

    Yes, of course.  We hold left items for 28 days.  You will need to complete the form as below.

Camp Cornwall Menu

Our 2024 menu is in the works! If you’d like us to send it to you when it’s ready, fill out your details below.


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