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How to Book

Let's get you booked in for THE best school camp

A Guide to Booking at Porthpean

Guiding schools through the booking process

We are honoured to be given the task of arranging your next school residential.

To ensure the booking process runs smoothly and we are able to provide a successful camp for all, we have created this step-by-step guide.

STEP ONE… complete the form

We ask all initial enquiries to go through our online School Booking Enquiry Form.

step two… confirm AVAILABILITY

All going well, your preferred dates are available and we can acknowledge your submitted form with an email to confirm the next steps.  If the dates in questions are fully booked, we can work with you to find alternative dates.

Once you are happy with everything and you have your travel plans in order, let us know to get the ball rolling!

step three… accept quote

On receipt of your email instruction to proceed, we’ll send over a formal quote.  This will place an OPTION on your requested dates.  You have 7 days to accept the quote before it expires.  This does not form a booking with us.

Before accepting a quote, you must accept our T&Cs.  In doing so, you will understand the following:

  • If planning a parental drop-off/collection, a strict policy will apply.  When booking a residential for May-July, parental drop-offs/collections are only permitted for a Monday arrival
  • All monies paid to us are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Additional teaching staff and support staff places above our free space ratio (at 1:10) are chargeable
  • We cannot offer a set timetable of activities in advance of your stay

Upon accepting the quote, an invoice for your booking deposit will be generated.  At this stage, your requested space will be deemed as being HELD.

step four… deposit payment

We ask you to settle the booking deposit invoice within 14 days.  It is important to remember that all booking deposits paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable, so please be sure to only book for the children that are signed up.

Upon receipt of your booking deposit payment, you will have a booking with us!  Your booking will be deemed as RESERVED.  At this time, you will also be asked to nominate two individuals:

  • Your SCHOOL ORGANISER.  This person will be the named contact for all booking and planning communication and will be made responsible for payment and submission of your group’s information (see below).  Steps 1-5 must be managed by your School Organiser.
  • Your SCHOOL LEADER.  This person will be the lead member of teaching staff in attendance on camp.  They MUST be taking an active part of camp from arrival to departure.  We understand that the roles of School Organiser and School Leader may be fulfilled by one individual.  Steps 6 and 7 are managed by your School Leader.

step five… balance payment

At 12 weeks prior to arrival, you will be sent your balance invoice.  The balance on all bookings is due for settlement 10 weeks prior to arrival.  Should you need to make any changes to your booking, it is imperative that you inform us at the 12-week stage.  Once the 10 week payment deadline has passed, we may be unable to accommodate any changes to your booking.

We ask you to give special consideration to the following:

  • final number of teaching staff places
  • are there any children within your group that require SEND support
  • your confirmed mode of transport to/from camp
  • your arrival and departure times
  • any children joining your school that wish to attend camp
  • any plans for a visit from your Headteacher

Please note that you will be contractually obliged to settle the balance as per your invoice.  We ask you to consider school holidays, staff absence, and exams/other internal matters that may cause a delay ahead of the due date.  Please refer to our T&Cs for details of our cancellation policy due to non-payment.

At 12 weeks prior to arrival you will also be asked to submit your group information.  This includes all dietary and medical notes.  Dedicated online forms will be issued to you for completion and return.  Please note that we do not accept your own internal trip forms- we only accept information via our forms.

Upon receipt of your balance, your booking becomes CONFIRMED.

step six… pre-arrival call

We will arrange a telephone call or video call with your School Leader 4 weeks prior to arrival.  To ensure everything runs like clockwork, we will run through your submitted group information, highlighting all dietary, medical, SEN requirements.

step seven… arrival

The time has finally arrived for camp.  Through the combined efforts of your School Organiser and your School Leader and the team here, we will have prepared everything for you down to a T.  Time to enjoy an awesome experience with your fantastic children!


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