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Day Experiences Terms & Conditions



The booking conditions as below apply to all day experience bookings at Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre (POEC).

‘The Company’, ‘we’, and ‘us’ refers to Cornwall Adventure Limited (t/a Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre/ Porthpean Outdoor) and ‘you’ refers to the individual making the booking (‘Party Leader’).

Should an inaccuracy be displayed on our website, the terms as stated in the booking conditions will prevail.


(1.1) When booking on behalf of other people, it is the responsibility of the person making the booking (‘the Party Leader’) to ensure that every member of the party has read and fully understood all the booking conditions.

(1.2) Our acceptance of your initial payment forms a contract between us and you alone. You are deemed to accept these booking conditions. No other conditions will apply to this contract unless confirmed by us to you in writing.

(1.3) We reserve the right to periodically review our prices. Our pricing model may determine a fluctuation in advertised rates in accordance with demand/availability.

(1.4) All advertised rates are inclusive of VAT.

(1.5) Our rates are as advertised at the time of booking. Where child rates are not advertised, a child discount/reduced rate will not apply. Online travel agent rates or voucher promotion rates may differ to those we display.

(1.6) Booking online will request payment by card. We can accept payment through BACS on request with a telephone booking. Please do not send cash or a cheque as a means of payment. We can only accept one payment per booking.

(1.7) Should you need access for persons with special requirements, please contact us at your earliest opportunity. Please visit our Accessibility Statement for further details.

(1.8) Whilst we specialise in holidays and outdoor experiences for children, we are unable to accept a booking from any person under the age of 18 (i.e. the person who makes the booking must be 18 or over). We are also unable to allow any person under 18 (at the time of the stay) stay without a parent or responsible adult. Booking under false pretences will be deemed a breach of our booking conditions and the booking will be terminated with immediate effect. All monies paid are non-returnable in this instance.

(1.9) At the time of booking, you will be required to provide your personal details and confirm that you have accepted the booking conditions on behalf of all persons in the party. You will also be responsible for the balance payment of the booking. We will send all correspondence to you and will consider you responsible for keeping all party members informed. We cannot discuss the booking or enter into communication with any other member of the booking or 3rd party. In the event that the booking is being made on behalf of someone else, and the person making the booking is not actually staying at POEC, that person is still deemed the Party Leader and the same booking conditions apply.

(1.10) On receipt of your initial payment we will send you a booking confirmation via email within 24 hours of booking. Your booking confirmation will document the details of your booking and also act as an invoice for any outstanding balance. If any details are incorrect, you must advise us immediately. If you do not receive a booking confirmation within 24 hours of booking, please notify us immediately. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors concerning your booking after a period of 48 hours after booking.

(1.11) All booking notification and payment-related correspondence from us is sent via email. It is your responsibility to ensure all such emails are read and adhered to in accordance with these booking conditions. Unless informed otherwise, it will be deemed by us that all emails have been received and understood. We cannot accept failure to adhere to our booking conditions due to incorrect contact details or inactive/superseded email accounts.

(1.12) Whilst we endeavour to accommodate all special requests, we cannot issue any guarantees.

(1.13) If, for any reason, you wish to change or cancel your booking, the Party Leader must inform us in writing from their registered email account. We cannot accept a change or cancellation by any other means.

(1.14) Should you be forced to change the details of your booking after the initial booking notification has been issued, an administration charge will be applied to your booking. We reserve the right to change your booked rate to the applicable full tariff rate. Any special offer or discounted rate that you may have qualified for at the time of booking may not be extended to the new date.

(1.15) The balance must be paid by the date as detailed on your booking confirmation/invoice. If the balance payment is not paid for any reason by the due date, we will contact you with a reminder email to request payment. We will follow up with telephone calls as needed. If no payment is received within 72 hours of our reminder email, it will be deemed that you wish to cancel the booking and the booking will be terminated with the loss of the deposit paid.

(1.16) Should you cancel your booking with less than 28 days’ notice, once the balance payment has been made, we regret that no refund will be made available.

(1.17) In the event of a cancellation of a special pre-paid rate, when the full balance has been paid in full at the time of booking, no refunds will be made available.

(1.18) Bookings made through 3rd party websites, or Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are subject to their own terms and conditions and payment policy. Bookings made through OTAs, unless detailed otherwise, are accepted by us on a non-refundable and non-amendable basis with payment in full at the time of booking.  Any payment policy advertised by an OTA supersedes our own payment policy for bookings.  We cannot accept responsibility for any incorrect information as displayed on 3rd party websites.

(1.19) We cannot take any responsibility for claims with respect of 3rd party activity providers. Certain activity providers may insist you sign an insurance indemnity and waiver form; therefore, you participate at your own risk, and we shall not be liable for your participation.

(1.20) All bookings are made in good faith. In the unlikely event that your accommodation/package/activity/hire is made unavailable, we will endeavour to find alternative provision for you at our centre. If this is not agreeable, all monies will be refunded with immediate effect. You will be responsible for paying for all charges for the alternative provision.

(1.21) For all bookings with children, you agree to act in loco parentis at all times. You are required to accompany children within your group and manage behaviour at all times. We reserve the right to delay/postpone the commencement of an activity until a responsible adult is in attendance.

(1.22) Should you arrive before the date as detailed on your booking confirmation, we reserve the right not to accommodate your booking.

(1.23) We do not accept the provision of any advertised facility as a contractual part of any booking.

(1.24) We regret that we cannot accept liability for any complaints after you have left POEC.

(1.25) We will retain your personal information which you provide at the time of booking. This information will not be passed on to any 3rd parties, other than when required by law.


The additional booking conditions as laid out in Section 2 apply exclusively to bookings with accommodation. These conditions apply in addition to all General Booking Conditions as laid out in Section 1.

(2.1) To make an accommodation booking in advance of 28 days of arrival, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit payment of £50 per person. This will reserve your accommodation.

(2.2) After the deposit payment has been paid to reserve your accommodation booking, the balance is payable 28 days (4 weeks) prior to arrival. You will be sent a balance reminder email 42 days (6 weeks) prior to arrival.

(2.3) All bookings made within 28 days of the start of your stay will require the full balance to be paid at the time of booking.

(2.4) Payment in full of your balance will confirm your booking.

(2.5) All credit/debit card details will be stored securely in accordance with PCI-DSS compliance regulations.

(2.6) We do not accept pets other than guide dogs.

(2.7) POEC offers a smoke-free premises. We ask you to leave centre grounds should you wish to smoke.

(2.8) We are a youth and family-friendly centre. We do not accept single sex groups of persons aged over 18 years of age without written authorisation from Management. We will not grant authorisation for the following (but not limited to): stag parties, hen parties, sports tours, golf trips, birthday celebrations.

(2.9) We reserve the right to request a card pre-authorisation (‘pre-auth’) to act as a security bond during your stay. The standard security bond amount is £20 per accommodation unit. The pre-authorisation process will not debit your account, but the funds will be held for us by your card issuer until such time as we instruct a cancellation. The pre-authorised amount will therefore be made unavailable to you during your stay. We can only accept one security bond per booking. We cannot allow separate card transactions as settlement of the security bond. Any group member may act as the cardholder for the security bond. We cannot accept a security bond from a person not staying as part of the respective booking. This includes a booking where the Party Leader (person who made the booking) is not actually staying at POEC. The security bond covers damage/the safe return of/to centre property, including bed linen and hired towels. The security bond will also cover guest behaviour. We pay particular attention to noise and do expect noise to be kept to a reasonable level after 10pm as a courtesy to others. The pre-auth is cancelled by us on the day of departure providing there has been no cause for complaint. The pre-auth can only be cancelled after all booked accommodation units have been checked and once every member of the party has vacated the centre. Please be aware that it will generally take 3-5 working days for the funds to be made available for use after we instruct a cancellation.

(2.10) All mattresses will be supplied with a bedsheet as standard. We do not supply any other bedding or bath towels as standard. We recommend that you bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and towel. A bedding pack (with pillow, duvet, and bath towel) is available to hire from reception at £5 per hire subject to availability.

(2.11) Only those named in the booking may stay at POEC. In view of security, visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the centre. Should anyone arrive with your party who is not listed on the submitted information, they may not be able to stay.

(2.12) Arrival time is from 2pm. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow entrance to the centre (including our car park) before this time.

(2.13) At check-in, guests may be issued with a guest card or wristband. You will be asked to keep this card/wristband on your person at all times to confirm residency at POEC.

(2.14) Whilst we do have our own car park, spaces are limited. We cannot guarantee parking spaces and do not accept the provision of parking facilities as a contractual part of any booking. All vehicles are left at the owner’s risk. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused to a vehicle parked in our car park. All persons leaving a vehicle in our car park will need to register it at check-in. All unregistered vehicles found may be issued with a parking ticket. This service is carried out by a 3rd party, and we will have no control over its operation.

(2.15) The Company shall not be held liable in the event that accommodation, services, or any advertised activity is not available due to circumstances beyond its control.

(2.16) Management reserve the right to enter accommodation at any time, with prior communication with a responsible adult.

(2.17) You use the centre and its facilities at your own risk. The Company cannot accept liability for the loss or damage in respect of your personal possessions. Please do consider this point before taking any valuable items with you. All items left in our care are done so exclusively at the risk of the owner.

(2.14) We do not carry out a daily cleaning service of booked accommodation. We ask all rubbish to be removed from your booked accommodation on departure.

(2.15) We ask that you vacate your booked accommodation by 10am on the stated day of departure. We will happily provide luggage storage as required if your activities/meal programme finishes after this time.

(2.16) We must ask that you vacate the centre by 12.30pm on the stated day of departure.

(2.17) We ask that any breakages are reported and paid for at reception within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in a charge being applied at check-out. We inspect all booked accommodation upon check-out. We reserve the right to impose a cleaning charge for excess cleaning duties required in booked accommodation.

(2.18) Should you decide to leave POEC before the booked departure date for any reason, no refund will be available for the remaining night(s).

(2.19) The Company reserves the right to terminate without notice the booking of any customer whose behaviour is such that it is likely, in our reasonable opinion, to cause distress, damage, or annoyance to any other customer, employee, 3rd party, or to centre property.

(2.20) Lost property is kept for 28 days before it is discarded. For the return of left items, please visit https://porthpean.com/education/parent-zone/ > FAQs.

(2.21) We always aim to provide you with the best stay possible. However, in the unlikely event that a problem should arise we kindly ask that you inform us immediately. By following this procedure, you will enable us to deal with the situation effectively and promptly.

(2.22) We cannot accept responsibility for events outside the centre which may affect your stay with us. No monies can be returned in this instance.


The additional booking conditions as laid out in Section 3 apply exclusively to Hire Centre Bookings. These conditions apply in addition to all General Booking Conditions as laid out in Section 1.

(3.1) To book hire equipment, you are required to make a non-refundable payment of 100% of the total booking value.

(3.2) In booking hire equipment, you are to understand that using the equipment provided involves a level of risk. It remains your responsibility to understand what is involved when using the equipment.

(3.3) You agree that you are capable of safely using the equipment provided and agree that you will follow instructions given.

(3.4) You remain responsible for your own safety and that of your group. We are not responsible for the use of the equipment provided. We provide equipment to be used under the skills and abilities of the hirer. We do not require proof of ability.

(3.5) You agree to pay for any cost incurred us as a result of hiring the equipment provided. All costs of replacement items or repair to damaged equipment will be passed to on you. This cost can be independently assessed on request, with the associated costs of inspection being passed on to you. In accepting these booking conditions, you agree to accept this responsibility and agree to cover all costs accordingly within 28 days. You understand that claims against you may arise upon failure to settle the full balance within 28 days.

(3.6) All equipment must be returned on time, or you will be liable for a late return fee equivalent to the hourly rate of hire for the craft you have hired.

(3.7) If conditions are deemed unsafe, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and offer alternative dates or a full refund.

(3.8) If the hire booking is for a child aged 14-18 years of age, the named child must have a parent/guardian supervising from the beach at all times. Children aged 6-13 years of age can hire equipment only when accompanied on the water by an adult. All persons must be named on the booking. We reserve the right to refuse hire or call back hire when we deem there to be a failure in the required supervision, as above.

(3.9) The weight limit for a single kayak is approximately 15st/95kg. The weight limit for a double kayak is 25st/160kg. If you are close to the weight limit, please let us know – we can rig a double kayak to be paddled as a single so you can still enjoy time on the water. The weight limit for our SUPs is approximately 23st/150kg.

(3.10) You agree to follow the safety briefing as issued upon collecting your hire equipment. Namely:

• Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times;
• Do not paddle more than 100 meters offshore;
• Please be sensible when paddling around others and local wildlife;
• Please stay within the marked area on the map provided
• Do not pass the white house going right of the beach or the NCI Lookout/Landrion Point past Charlestown going left.
• The Mega SUP can accommodate a maximum of 10 people – please do not exceed this.


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